Mug Sea - Sea & Sand Collection
Mug Sea - Sea & Sand Collection Mug Sea - Sea & Sand Collection Mug Sea - Sea & Sand Collection

Mug Sea - Sea & Sand Collection

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  • Descripción

    Mug Sea & Sand collection in Sea finish. Beautiful piece for any time of the day since it has the shape of a breakfast cup and the large size like a modern Mug.

    The Sea & Sand Collection is the perfect union of colours of the Mediterranean. A modern tableware style that uses light and colour in a way that will leave a lasting impression at any summer dinner table. Fashionable tableware that is a must-have for those beautiful summer days.

  • Details
    • Mug Sea Ø 8 cm x H 9 cm 0,360 ml
  • Origin and product care guide
    • Manufactured on the north coast of Portugal.
    • Material: Fine Stoneware.
    • In this collection, the manufacturing process is manual and the hand-painted phase means that each piece is different. Variations and irregularities in shapes, textures, colors and intensities may occur due to manual processes. Such imperfections in shapes, textures or color intensities are not considered defects.
    • The entire collection is suitable for use with ovens, microwaves, freezers and dishwashers


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