About Us

Many of life's best moments occur around a table. Family meals, dinner with friends, a romantic dinner with your partner, the exciting end of a book with good coffee, a Sunday breakfast ...

In Bone & White we want to be part of those moments by making the table and the pieces that compose it part of the laughter, enjoyment, celebration, wine ... that are unique and special, and above all that excite you and you Start a smile when you are choosing them thinking about the moment you are going to live and with whom you are going to share it.
Behind BONE & WHITE we are a team in love with life and experiences at the table. After traveling and living all over the world, we decided to put the heart in this store, a corner where all the collections have a history, a material, a design, a handmade detail, a local origin ... In short, they all have to be lived and shared at the table.
Discover, choose, combine and enjoy each and every one of the pieces as we have done when choosing them. It is worth putting illusion because the details of the table change the mood and make the table inspire your own life.

Welcome to Bone & White.