Online wedding list by Bone and White

Online wedding list by Bone and White

A wedding takes a lot of preparation and you will probably have a thousand things on your mind, but it is true that this day is the beginning of a wonderful journey together, even if they repeat it a lot, pay attention, enjoy every moment. The wedding gift can be a precious opportunity to choose special details for a lifetime together.

Creating your Bone and White wedding list is easy

From Bone and White, we invite you to be part of those moments proposing that part of the wedding list are pieces for the table. Because the table is the center of our home, where we share, laugh and celebrate together. At Bone and White we will help you throughout the process to select the pieces that best suit your lifestyle, your home decoration or even the type of meals you prepare daily and for your guests at special lunches/dinners.


The process of selecting pieces is very exciting, as it allows you to sit back and give free rein to your imagination by combining pieces to your liking

Steps to create an online wedding gift list with Bone and White:

1. Create a list with all the items you like, you can do it creating your own cart and sending us a photo or sending an email with the list of products to If you need any help with materials, measurements or even possible combinations, we are always available!

2. Choose a photo, a title for your wedding list and write a short text for your guests. Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 07.00.39.png3. Our team will prepare your personalized page with all the products within 24-48h and will send you the link so that you can share it with your guests (include it in your website, email, etc.)

4. Each purchase made by a guest will automatically update the wedding list and we will send you a notification with the purchased gift.

5. Once the gift list is completed or once the deadline you have set is reached, we will send you all the items to the address you have indicated. From that moment on, there is only one thing left, to love you and enjoy you forever.


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