Special gifts for the bride and groom at a wedding!

Special gifts for the bride and groom at a wedding!

With the arrival of good weather, the time for events and big celebrations, especially weddings, has arrived! It is our favorite time because of the amount of special requests we receive, but it is true that many times it is complicated to choose the wedding present!

We usually get thousands of ideas for the bride (beauty treatments, a special bag, jewellery...) or for the groom (bottles of wine, a special watch, cufflinks...), but it is true that it is complicated to choose a detail for both, that both enjoy and participate in it equally. A trip is usually the most common thing, but it is also true that it is something they like to choose!

Faced with this situation of indecision and doubt, we give you an idea and explain why it can be a good wedding presentWhat better than tableware and various table accessories as gifts?

A wedding is sure to bring some kind of exciting change in your lives, perhaps you're opening a new house, or taking the step to move in together for the first time, or maybe you just want to start a new phase by sharing things together

Whatever the reason, in the end, your home will be your meeting point, the place where, after a long day of work, you will enjoy special, everyday moments together

And inside the house, the table is the center of everything, surely it is where we share the best and worst moments of the day, where we plan our vacations, where we enjoy a good wine together, in short, it is without a doubt, the pause that we need in this life that passes at full speed.

Well, since the table is so special every day, why not give it importance and fill it with details, color, and original shapes that help us create unique moments every time we sit at it?

In the following photos, we leave you some of the selections we have made as wedding gift for the bride and groom and what else did you like!

Complete dinner service for 8 people, Blue Lights collection. This tableware made in England, combines 4 shades of blue that give a lot of light to the table. It is one of the most popular collections for its variety of tones and color combinations that can be made with all the dishes.

Pack of Pikes colored glasses with the water jug from the same collection. The truth is that this collection was a total hit when we chose it and it has also been an option for wedding gifts. The pitcher is a beautiful new feature this spring and is the perfect complement to any table.

In cutlery there are tastes for everything, some people opt for a more traditional steel-coloured cutlery set, although with a matt finish (Tribeca Matte), which gives it a more modern touch. Or those who choose to innovate and provide modern and more original design cutlery such as the cutipol Goa White or the classic Nacre, a French cutlery for more classic tastes.

We have just convinced you, giving you the 3 main reasons to choose one tableware as a wedding gift it can be a great idea!

  • It's something they will enjoy and share every day and for the rest of their lives!
  • It is a gift for both of you and for your home, the home you have chosen as your favorite place in the world!
  • They will always remember you and will surely organize more than one dinner with you to celebrate!

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  • Buena idea chicos! Os planteáis hacer listas de boda con vuestros productos?¿ mil gracias

    Lucia B. on
  • Buena idea chicos! Os planteáis hacer listas de boda con vuestros productos?¿ mil gracias

    Lucia B. on

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