Nova Turquoise

  • Descripción

    Based on natural forms, every piece in this collection has a uniquely styled edge. Inspired by shells, sea creatures and trees, this premium stoneware dinner set is irresistibly simple and versatile. Ideally, it's best combined with the Nova White collection but its reflective turquoise surface also combines well with dark tones such as black or brown.

    Available pieces:

    • Dinner plate 27.2 cm.
    • Salad/dessert plate 21.1 cm.
    • Pasta plate 25.5 cm.
    • Bowl 15 cm.
    • Square bowl 11.2 cm.
    • Oval platter 29 cm.

    The 13 piece dinner set includes: 4 dinner plates I 4 salad/dessert plates I 4 bowls 14.2 cm | 1 Oval platter 29 cm

  • Origin and product care guide
    • Manufactured in the north coast of Portugal by Costa Nova Tableware
    • Material: Fine Stoneware.
    • The entire collection is suitable for use with ovens, microwaves, freezers and dishwashers.


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