Glasses for summer cocktails

Glasses for summer cocktails

Preparing summer cocktails in a glass is a perfect way to show off your favorite glasses and for your guests to enjoy them too. And although there are some like the Margarita or the Daiquiri that require a glass, because it is more suitable or functional, others do not need it.

We give you some original and fun ideas to present your summer cocktails in a glass and we review those most refreshing and with the greatest followers:

The mojito. It is the summer cocktail and very easy to prepare. You will need mint, white rum, brown sugar, lime, icing sugar, and crushed ice. The important thing is to crush the mint well first of all in a mortar to release its aromas. The Impressions Acid Green glass is perfect for a Mojijo.

Pikes IVV Vizio vaso

The piña colada . It is a smoother and sweeter cocktail. You need coconut milk, pineapple juice, and rum. Besides being easy and pleasant, it is a cocktail with many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As it is a white cocktail, it will be very attractive presented in colored glasses like those from the Pikes collection .

vasos pikes IVV Speedy

The Bloody Mary. Sweet, sour and salty. Its name is inspired by Queen Mary I of England known as "Bloody Mary". Its main ingredient is tomato juice, but it also has Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, lemon, pepper, salt and Vodka. Its intense red color calls for a transparent glass ... yes, if they have texture it will be perfect. The transparent Textures glasses are the ideal glasses for your Bloody Mary this summer.

The Sex on the beach. The eighties are back with force, in fashion, design and the occasional Netflix series. Sign up for the cocktail that was sweeping the parties of that time. Originating in Florida, this exciting drink where Vodka is once again the protagonist, it has orange juice, blueberry juice and peach liqueur. It is accompanied by a slice of orange and a cherry.

vasos romantic

La Caipirinha It is another well-known cocktail quite similar to the mojito but it does not have mint and the rum is replaced by the cachaça; the most popular liquor in Brazil. It is prepared by quartering a lemon that is added together with a tablespoon of sugar to a glass with crushed ice. The lemon is crushed in the same way that it is done with mint in the mojito and the cachaça is added. In the same way that we bet on a green glass for the mojito, we recommend this color for the Caipirinha. Baroque glasses in green will be a good choice.

vasos baroque

Do not forget the Gin and tonic, which of course is a cocktail, and have everything you need ready because there will always be someone who will want to drink it. A classic yes, but with which you will be able to surprise if you serve it in a glass "with punch" like the Punk model by Bone and White with which we began this post about summer cocktails in a glass.

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