Modern tableware for classic restaurants

Modern tableware for classic restaurants

Many customers know how to appreciate the use of modern dishes in classic restaurants. The new restaurants and hotel businesses have more resources than ever when it comes to giving personality and identity to their premises. But also the restaurants with a certain trajectory or that are born with a vocation of timelessness, will find in the newest pieces a point in their favor:

  • Beyond a modern tableware.
  • Sitting at the table of a classic restaurant and meeting a renewed tableware, a modern tableware, gives clues to the diner about the philosophy of the place. Indeed, if the restaurateur has been concerned with modernizing in this regard, it is possible that he has also done so in others that are not so visible. Perhaps you are also worrying about improving the quality of your product, choosing your suppliers well, considering aspects related to the ecological, renewable ... to keep up!

  • Modern dishes that are a classic.
  • We agree that we are going to eat at a restaurant and enjoy its cuisine, but a dish can earn many points if we present it in a modern tableware, where it is presented as a contemporary classic. A Madrid stew served in one of the pieces of the Blue Edge collection or a suckling lamb presented at the Nova White undoubtedly brings a plus to the diner's experience.

    modern dishes for classics

    modern tableware for young people

  • Empathize with a younger audience.
  • It can be a good reason to wear a classic restaurant with modern dishes. You have to think about the audience that is coming or about to come. Do not limit yourself to the usual customer and be open to new generations that will gain purchasing power and will be the renewal of our regulars.

  • Modern dishes for special moments.
  • The tendency to combine different pieces in the same service allows us to keep that dishes that characterizes our premises and at the same time introduce modern dishes in classic restaurants for moments that the diner perceives as special within their experience, such as dessert, the “petit -fours ”or the appetizer.

  • Boost a business.
  • modern porcelain dinnerware

    Unless the idea is to turn our store or restaurant into a kind of museum, keeping absolutely everything exactly the same as when it was opened to the public in the seventies, eighties, or nineties ... ... renewing small aspects can generate a very positive effect.

    Preserving the essence of space and getting updated at the same time is a formula that leads to sure success.

    Textiles (upholstery, curtains), modern dishes, glassware where there are no missing glasses with personality and paper on the walls for those who dare with a 3 to the last, can give new impetus to a stagnant business, or That has lost interest.

  • Modern dishes with a vocation to endure.
  • When we think of modern dishes for classic restaurants, we must have current pieces that have been designed and designed with a vocation for continuity. Dishes such as those in the Marble or Teak de Limoges collection are a perfect choice for those who want to dress their tables with something current without risking too much and knowing that they are investing a tableware for a long time.

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