Teak, the porcelain dishes, our new weakness.

Teak, the porcelain dishes, our new weakness.

Porcelain dishes is a symbol of elegance. At Bone and White we have a weakness for porcelain as a material. Because of its nobility and size, and its fine and delicate appearance, porcelain has the ability to enhance any table and make it special.

That's why we are happy to present this new porcelain dinner service from Limoges, our new teak tableware. Its design is really special since it is inspired by the cross section of the teak tree trunk; hence its name

A modern design, compatible with the trend of bringing the authentic, the natural to the table... The converging circles that give such a unique texture to each piece also evoke other signs of nature, such as the mark left in the water by a small stone when it falls. Everyone can see it is that texture or in its beautiful shape with irregular edges, different representations of the natural and organic.

vajilla de porcelana teak

This French porcelain dinner service is handmade in the Pillivuyt factory, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. Founded in 1818 by Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt, its great reputation at international level has led it to obtain important recognitions throughout its history.

In the mid-19th century, Pillivuyt's porcelain dishes were chosen by many royal houses to dress up their luxurious dining rooms

But at the same time, this firm has known how to evolve to adapt to the needs of durability and resistance of the hotel and catering industry, without losing its essence and conserving its handcrafted manufacture.

In addition to its beauty, Pillivuyt's Teak porcelain dinnerware stands out for its high quality and durability. It is therefore ideal as porcelain tableware for the hotel industry and at the same time has become an object of desire in many homes where the taste for exquisiteness prevails.

vajilla porcelana de pillivuyt

Four reasons to succeed in a restaurant with teakware:

Durability. This durability makes it particularly suitable for use in restoration

High temperatures. It can be subjected to high temperatures and therefore can be taken to the oven, allowing some processing directly on the piece.

Heat distribution. Its property of distributing heat evenly throughout the piece makes it especially useful and functional.

Contemporary design. Its design and colours (also available in blue and to order in mustard and dark brown) fit in perfectly with both classic establishments, where it can provide a modern but discreet touch, and more avant-garde ones that seek originality and the latest trends

The unique composition of its Pillenium paste, which is harder and more resistant than others, developed by this company in 2005, has earned it the Innovation Award. Four years later, thanks to its know-how and experience, this company, which is over 200 years old, has been awarded the prestigious "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Teak has become our weakness as a porcelain dish to receive at home.

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