Our favorite pieces of dinnerware for the summer

Our favorite pieces of dinnerware for the summer

These are our favorite pieces of dinnerware for the summer…. because dressing the table at this time of dinners and meals, with friends and family, is even more fun and appealing than during the rest of the year.

The most daring colors, the most special shapes and designs have a free hand on the tablecloth and table runners. What do you think of this selection?

1.- Monkeys

Monkeys illustrated dinnerware is a fresh option with great personality to dress up your summer tables. Despite its apparent informality, it is a collection of fine porcelain made by hand in Holland.

His drawings are inspired by the Amazon jungle so in a green environment, on a terrace with ivy or a garden, the effect can be very very… .. wow!

Vajilla Monkeys

2.- Indigo

In summer we tend to move between the green fields and the blue sea. Monkeys has us in love if we go to the shades of leaves and wild plants…. but we love Indigo when we look for that bicolor white and blue effect of the tiles, the alleys of Santorini or Sidi Bussaid, or the summer skies.

Indigo itself is inspired by India Blue, Blue Jodpur, a special blue. The blue chosen to form the unmistakable geometric pattern that is a trend on the tables this summer 2020.

Vajilla Indigo

3.- Fish

It is our favorite tableware for marine environments and houses near the sea. Handmade by the prestigious Spanish brand La Cartuja de Sevilla, it composes its pattern combining tents in red tones with blue nets. The salad bowl is a piece of true caprice that will not leave your guests indifferent, and the small appetizer plate with the edge in navy and a fish in red, is a piece full of charm!

vajilla peces

4.- Sea Creatures

We have always defended the mix of pieces and tableware to give personality and dynamism to a table. If we like to do it by default, in summer even much more. We think both in more casual environments, as in the case of elegant evenings in which you want to impress.

The Sea Creatures collection by Bone and white, inspired by sea creatures, has a series of really special pieces to give a unique touch to our composition.

We highlight the "clam shell bowl", "the salad bowl" that imitates the shell of a hedgehog and the "mussel platter" in its different sizes.

Mejillón Aparte Sea Creatures Costa Nova

5.- Flowers

If we talk about color on the table, the Flowers collection is pure color and fantasy. Small plates and beautiful bowls with fairytale tones and reliefs that can give a magical touch to a table that takes as its starting point a white or plain crockery. Here Flowers acts as the complement that lifts a more conservative and less risky look. Like that scarf, that bag or those shoes that are the chic touch to your wardrobe bottom pieces.

Vajilla Maria Flor Bordallo

What do you think of our favorite pieces of dinnerware for the summer? Surely some of them are just what you were looking for.

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