Brand new; good therapy to lift your spirits!

Brand new; good therapy to lift your spirits!

It happens to all of us: brand new is a good therapy to lift our spirits. After these strange holidays, it is time to return to the routine but not to the routine of other months of September, but to a different routine that this year is more difficult than ever.

If there is something nice about going back to school, political or school, it is that new smell of many everyday things; notebooks, a briefcase, that recently arrived chair for teleworking or that jacket and those pants that have been worn for just a couple of days hanging in the closet.

It seems to be proven that shopping improves our spirits. This happens because a series of sensations are triggered in our brain that help to escape from apathy, apathy and even sadness.

There are studies that corroborate this: "shopping can be a rich source of mental preparation" as we begin to visualize how we will use the products in our daily lives, which improves our mood.
Do you visualize yourself eating some new dishes? With that design and style that you have seen so many times in shop windows or on Pinterest?

When we go shopping, and that includes now more than ever, online shopping, our brain fills with dopamine (the substance responsible for our feeling of well-being). In the US, recently, a study has been carried out that confirms that "therapy purchases" are very beneficial, they make us feel happy and very important: they do not generate guilt ". In small doses, brand new is a good idea.

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We give you some ideas:

1.- You deserve the best.

Perhaps the time has come to put aside that crockery that has been rolling for a few years now, some piece is missing, another is chipped and you were never convinced because you bought it in a hurry because you were moving. Don't you think that for eating (which is three times a day) it would be good to be surrounded by beautiful things? Go for it!

2.- The dishes for dinner at home.

Those dinners for two or three couples are becoming customary. We have learned to savor the gatherings with friends, without haste in our own home ... but the dishes frankly ... fail. How about getting a 4 service pack for those special occasions? Not only will you make your guests happy but you will also enjoy much more with those ideal dishes. We propose the Teak White collection .

3.- Christmas will catch you without your homework done.

We don't know how but it happens to us every year. Work prevents us from doing all the errands that we have proposed and in the end we give priority to what is essential: gifts that cannot be missed and food. But …. we sit at the table and every year we repeat “what a shame not to have had those wonderful dishes that I saw that day to wear tonight”. How about Natural Brown ? With its warm air it combines great with the typical Scottish plaid and the English fabrics of the Christmas story tables.

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4.- The whim.

New builds morale and is proven, but your budget does not allow you to invest what you want. There are reasonable solutions. It is not necessary to make a large outlay to renew your breakfast tableware and get four bowls , or those glasses that you loved and in which you are going to have your first coffee in the morning, and the one in the afternoon as well. You will pay them off quickly! And remember that they also serve you to have dessert (link to the glasses post / internal link).

It is a reality: shopping evades the mind and you get to experience a sense of pleasure reminiscent of happiness. Brand new is the materialization of the shopping experience; Bottom line: A good therapy to lift your spirits.

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