How to buy tableware online

How to buy tableware online

Buying tableware online has become increasingly common. Internet commerce is experiencing significant growth in recent times, and these weeks even more so.

And since the illusion of placing an order and receiving it should not be clouded by mistakes that are easily avoidable, we have collected some tips for buying tableware online:

1. Choose an online store that has all the guarantees .

The fact that a clear identification of the company appears, with an address, contact telephone numbers, an email, and that it guarantees a secure payment is essential.

2. The photographs must be a true reflection of reality.

It is important that the website where we are going to buy a tableware online shows it as it is. If it is blue, the shade of blue should be the actual shade and not an approximate or similar shade.

You have to look at all the details. If the crockery, for example, has an ocher edge, as we see below with the Ocean model from Bone and White, it should be reflected in the image and not be something to discover when unpacking it.


3. Size matters.

It is important to stop to read the specifications of the product and look at the sizes in cm of the diameter of a plate or a source, or the height (in the case of a bowl). It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine its actual dimensions by looking at a photograph.

Nowadays, sizes other than the standards are also manufactured; very large plains for example. If the dishes appear on the web in photos along with their cutlery, these can serve as a reference, but to play it safe…. It is better to check the measurements well and compare them with the ones we have at home. It is important to see that they fit us with our current tableware or even in the dishwasher.

4. Texture or pattern?

We must distinguish if what we see on the tableware is a texture that we can touch, or the drawing of a texture. This is also important to know well what we are buying. In a good photograph it can be distinguished, but you have to notice it and pay attention to it. Or when in doubt, consult the customer service.


The Marble tableware by Bone and White, as well as the Carrara model show a pattern of veins, while the concentric circles of the Teak tableware are not painted but give it a special texture and very pleasant to the touch. You can see them in the image above. In the case of Mosaic Forest Green, the small tiles have a certain relief that is also appreciated to the touch and it is important to take this into account.

5. Better if the brand and the store is on Pinterest or Instragram.

Since in these RRSS you can see more images of the tableware that interests us, comments about it, other staging and combinations.

If the store also addresses our questions and doubts, by "direct message" in the case of Instagram, this is a great advantage since it is usually a very effective and immediate consultation system.

6. Maintenance… an important issue.

The same thing happens to us when we buy clothes ... then can they be washed or do we have to take them to a dry cleaner?

You have to make sure that the dishes are suitable for the usual use that we plan to give them: microwave, dishwasher ... even oven.

There are modern tableware with beautiful designs, drawings and colors that we then have to wash by hand so that they do not deteriorate. This point is key; It will give us the clue in addition to its resistance and durability.


7. Shipping and post-sale terms.

Once bought and paid for, it is logical to want to have our dishes at home in the shortest possible time. A reasonable time may be 3-4 business days. It is also important that the courrier with whom the brand works is of total guarantee, not of problems in case of absence. And take care that everything reaches its destination well.

Ultimately, an adequate and effective response from the store to any type of circumstance that arises is a sign of seriousness and know-how. Something we all want to have when buying tableware online.

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