5 dessert plates for 5 different uses

5 dessert plates for 5 different uses

Dessert plates can be very versatile. Due to their medium size, they are really versatile and it is an interesting idea to get dessert plates of different styles and colors and then use them on different occasions. We leave you 5 ideas for 5 different uses:

1.- As supporting dishes in a buffet. Pink Dahlia Dessert Plate.

At a standing lunch or dinner, it is common to make a plate available to the guests as a support so that they can serve the different things on the table. In this case the dessert plate is perfect. Due to its size, it allows you to hold it more comfortably than a larger plate, but it is enough to hold several canapés or something more substantial.

For buffets in a garden we love the Pink Dalia plate and the effect of seeing our guests' hands full of flowers.

2.- As plates in the center. Sand dessert plate.

The tray or dish on which we serve things in the center can be replaced by two or three dessert plates spread along the table. In a good way to facilitate access to food when the table is very long and access is not easy.

Sand dessert plate is a very good option because, with its waves on the edge, it is a very decorative plate and the placement of several of them forming a set looks phenomenal.

Furthermore, if necessary it can coexist at the same time with the source of the same collection. Its neutral tone makes it combinable with any tablecloth.



3.-For an outdoor picnic. Sea desssert Plate.

It is true that disposable plates are very convenient, but the pleasure of eating on a real plate is something that is lost. Dessert plates are an appropriate size for these cases since they are easy to transport and clean upon return and allow you to improve the experience of eating away from a table.

If the idea is to go to the beach, the Sea dessert plate is your ideal plate. Can you imagine eating in your hammock facing the Mediterranean and doing it on a plate the color of the sea?

4-As decoration on a wall. Hydrangea Leaf dessert Plate.

There are dishes so ideally designed that they are a delight to see; as if they were a painting. The trend to decorate with plates is something that we continue to see. Plates such as those from the Flowers collection, such as Dalia, and also the Hortensia Leaf plate are perfect candidates for display.

Use a small piece of double-sided tape to secure them; A small point may be enough to prevent them from falling and at the same time be able to remove them without breaking. We love the idea of ​​five pieces of Hydrangea Leaf on the wall of a dining room in cheerful tones.

5.-For snacks and to serve ice cream. Diamante dessert Plate.
It is obviously a plate to serve sweets and cakes at the end of the meal, but it will also be the plate chosen for a snack with buns, or croissants accompanying coffee or chocolate.

In original dessert plates like Diamante or Hoja Hortensia you can place one or two scoops of ice cream instead of putting it in a bowl or glass. You will be surprised by the effect!

Dessert Plate Diamante

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