Ideas to renew the style of your table

Ideas to renew the style of your table

Renewing the style of your table is something that will give you the same satisfaction as renewing your wardrobe, something we do naturally and quite frequently.

We eat every day, several times a day. Perhaps we have not worried about what accompanies us: tablecloth, glasses, cutlery and plates. The hectic pace we go through every day leads us to live those moments at the table as a procedure, without thinking that we can improve the experience with small changes and some details.

Come the weekend we bring friends or family home and that is when, almost certainly, we miss some pieces, a change in what is most damaged, or even a modern touch or something special so that ours can enjoy something more than a good meal or a good snack.

It is then that we remember what we have seen in that magazine, those photos from Instagram or Pinterest.

We have good news because you can have a Pinterest table with a little imagination, not too many resources and without having to throw the house out the window. Or rather the table….

5 Keys to renew the style of your table .

1.- Choose versatile pieces.

Choose the dessert, the plain one, and look for one that can combine well with the dishes you already have. We recommend versatile tableware, in shades that go well with everything, such as whites and grays. The Bone and White Granite or Marble model are a sure hit.

vajilla porcelana diseño marmol

2.- Colored glasses.

Surely you open your closet and have glasses of eight different types. It is time to replenish and renew. We have nothing against different glasses if they have something in common like drawing, or they are all of the same color.

We love the Romantic six-tone set. If your tableware is smooth and clear, they will give it life and charm. If you are few at home, maybe a couple, you can alternate the tones every day.

vasos colores cristal zafferano

3.- The cutlery.

Sometimes they are the great forgotten. Like the shoes in your wardrobe ... do you pay enough attention to them? You can be a brush that if you do not take care of what you wear on your feet you are giving many clues to those who do pay attention to these details.

Maybe it's time to renew your cutlery, look for ocher tones ... they are in fashion! You will see the change your table experiences with just this detail.

4.- The boom of the bowl.

In case you haven't noticed, the bowl takes a lot. Our way of eating is changing; more salads, full breakfasts with yogurts and lots of fruits… hummus, dips…. The irruption of international recipes have changed our lives and our food!

Get some bowls, replace the deep plate with them and your table will be another.

bowl aparte costa nova

5.- Textiles matter.

To renew the style of your table, perhaps you should think about changing some of your textiles. There are beautiful patterns on tablecloths. Just as the wallpaper on the walls completely changes a room, it also happens on the table. To place tones or drawings with personality you need to have a neutral tableware or because it is the color that predominates in the fabric.

To renew the style of your table, follow one of the five clues that we have left you or sign up for all of them. Take advantage of the fact that there are still discounts and special prices and do not skimp, because once you learn to enjoy being surrounded by new and beautiful things ... you will see that the matter is hooked!

mesa evolution dudson vista alegre carrara y goa white gold

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